D.L.M. Plate 26. Affiche
D.L.M. Plate 26. Affiche

ItemNo: 4537
Medium: Offset-Lithograph
Paper: See notes
Paper Size: 13.50x9.50 in.
Released: 1966
Signed: Unsigned
Reference: See notes
Price: $40.00
TOTAL: $52.00
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MARC CHAGALL authorized color lithograph .Published in 1966 BY JOSEPH K FOSTER After the Original MOURLOT Poster. Registered in the library of congress Catalog card number 66-23354. Lithograph Stones Created and Printed by Tempo Graphic Arts Inc , Canada from original art.This piece is from the 1966 first edition of Posters & Personality of Marc Chagall. Printed on fine linen art paper and is in good condition.