after Rembrandt by Amand-Durand - Bartsch #278 - Ephraim Bonus dit le Juif a la Rampe
by Harmenszoon van Rijn REMBRANDT
after Rembrandt by Amand-Durand - Bartsch #278 - Ephraim Bonus dit le Juif a la Rampe

ItemNo: 3100
Medium: Etching/Engraving
Paper: See notes
Image Size: 9.50x7.75"
Paper Size: 16x14"
Signed: Unsigned
Reference: See notes
Ref. No: 092
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TOTAL: $322.00
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Hand-pulled-Etching from the authentic re-worked original copper Rembrandt plates by Amand-Durand (1831-1905) . The following etchings are after Rembrandt, by Amand-Durand. Amand-Durand, a master engraver during the 19th century in France, re-engraved Rembrandt's etchings from the original first and second state original etchings. Every detail is captured, including Rembrandt's signature and date in a lot of the works. On the back, each piece carries the Bartsch reference number (Bartsch compiled the Catalogue Raisonne of Rembrandt's etchings) . Amand-Durand was a great admirer of Rembrandt. He researched and intensely studied pieces that were available only in collections. From here on he spent the major part of his life exactly duplicating Rembrandt’s images onto copper plates. These recreations were called Amand-Durand’s after Rembrandt. Their unbelievable clarity and exactness were achieved because Amand-Durand used as his guide, not the worn and dull plates, but the first and second state etchings of the master’s original works...Soon after Amand-Durand’s death in 1905, his original copper plates were obtained by the prestigious French book publishing family, DOMINIQUE VINCENT et Cie. The Bibliotheque Nationale and the Louvre Museum in Paris had been acquiring these etchings. This piece is a hand pulled ETCHING from the re-worked Original copper Rembrandt plates by Amand-Durand (1831-1905) overseen by Art World Industries, inc.