Great American Cock Male
by John-James AUDUBON
Great American Cock Male

ItemNo: 0197
Medium: Etching/Engraving
Paper Size: 18x22"approx
Paper: See notes
Released: 1937
Signed: Unsigned
Reference: American Engraving Society
Ref. No: 582
Price: $300.00
TOTAL: $307.00
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Vintage print Hand Colored Engraving printed in 1937 by Artistic Print Publishers also known as Artistic Picture Publishing Co, Inc New York after the original by John James Audubon. Engraved, printed and Colored by A.P.P. Co, inc. N.Y. Endorsed by the National Association of Audubon Societies. 14 images were printed between 1937-1942 by the A.P.P. from the antique originals. They were printed on good paper and the quality of printing was done by true-metal engravings hand colored. The number of copies for each image is unknown. Reference from Audubon Art Prints: A Collectors Guide to Every Edition, by Bill Steiner. Condition: The Engraving is in very good condition for its age. Previously matted. Will ship rolled.