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At   Collector’s   Corner ,   We   frame   just   about anything    from    Original    Oil    paintings,    to Graphics,    to    Posters.    We    offer    Museum Custom       Framing       using       the       latest Conservation   Materials.   We   carry   a   huge selection    of    Fabric    and    Silk    matboards, Wood     Mouldings     available     in     various finishes      and      wood      Fillets.      For      your protection,   on   ALL   work   on   paper.   We   only use   Acrylic   glazing,   clear,   non-glareand   OP- 3   -99%   UV   blocking   conservation.   We   can pack   and   ship   Framed   Art   Work   Anywhere in the USA and Worldwide.
“A Painting without a frame is like a body without a soul� Van Gogh
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