INTERNATIONAL FINE ART DEALERS, APPRAISERS, BOOKSELLERS AND PICTURE FRAMERS Maurice    Hayot    established    in    1971    “The    French    gallery    at    Collector’s    Corner”    in    New    Jersey    . Specializing   in   the   sale   of   Original   Paintings,   Drawings,   Watercolours,   Etchings,   Lithographs   ,   Pochoirs, Antique   Posters,   Sculptures   from   the   19th   and   20th   centuries   and   professional   custom   picture   framing   . All   the   Art   offered   came   from   Estate   sales,   private   Art   Collectors,   Art   Dealers,   Auction   Houses   from   all over    the    world    and    from    our    vast    personal        inventory.    We    specialize    in    Reference    Art    Books, Monographies,   Catalogues   Raisonnés   and   Illustrated   Books   by   European   and American Artists.   We   also offer    a    variety    of    appraisal    services    and    provide    a    detailed,    written    art    appraisal    indicating    the replacement   value   of   your   art,   which   can   be   used   for   insurance   and   other   purposes.   Collector’s   Corner started   as   a   Wholesale Art   Dealer   and   Retail     Art   Gallery   in   the   early   70’s   through   the   80’s   in   New   Jersey and   New   York.      Due   to   the   tremendous   growth   of   the   Internet,   we   have   taken   our   business   100%   to   the on-line   world.      By   keeping   our   overhead   low   ,   we   are   able   to   search   for   more   unusual   works      and   offer     competitive prices in this wonderful world of art.
Collector’s Corner Matisse Rembrandt,  Renoir, Man Ray, Rodin, Signac, Rops, Toulouse-Lautrec Gavarni, Villon, Calder, Degas, Rouault, Vlaminck, Leger, Vertes, Braque, Giacometti, Gromaire
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