Leonor FINI

(1908 - 1996)
Argentine-born, Italian painter and illustrator, widely recognized as one of the leading proponents of SURREALISM. Leonor Fini was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in Trieste, where her work was exhibited for the first time when she was seventeen years old. She moved to Paris in 1937, where she met and exhibited with the leaders of the surrealist movement. Her work was the subject of writings by Jean Cocteau, Max Ernst, and Oiorgio de Chirico. Fini's work transcends the various currents of modern art, combining elements from her own imagery museum" with a personal vocabulary of images and symbols. In her examination of her own biological and psychological roots, she presents a society dominated by women, often in mysterious settings, protected from the outside world. She explores her relationship with nature and its constant recycles of birth and death, expressing these ideas in such imagery as flowers, eggs, skulls, and skeletons. Fini's work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, and is included in the permanent collections of many international museums.