(1897 - 1977)
Armenian-Russian painter . Aliases: Vladimir Abramovich Boberman. Born in Czarist Russia in 1897. Voldemar Boberman, who studied painting at the Free Academy in Moscow-city abandoned during the Revolution of 1917 - passed by Italy and France before landing on the Mediterranean island. Although known about the Russian avant-garde in Paris, do not feel connected or that or any other movement. Despite his advanced age, will present shortly in the Museum of Mallorca. Belonging to the Russian gentry, Boberman went into exile with his family at the outbreak of the Bolshevik Revolution. Our departure was hurried and sad, we had to get passports. Communists," he says. "Moscow was a cosmopolitan city where there was a close communication with the rest of Europe, which, little by little, she was closing the new political system. There were developing advanced artistic movements, later known by the term Russian-Vanguard, which if at first inserts were born in the revolution, Lenin's death was eventually declared illegal and persecuted. "Boberman really came into contact with this movement during his stays in Paris and Germany. Remember that in the latter city was the shop next to the Kandisrisky. . "I cannot forget the image of the great painter scribbling a strict dress fabric tuxedo. After two years of stay in Milan, where he worked as designed and the legendary decorator Scala, Voldemar Boberman returned to Paris, 'where hope lived and died of hunger. There he met Juan Gris, sad and sickly, with who never spoke of painting. Remembers also Picasso and his fear of Russian painters,full of ideas. In 1924 he made several exhibitions in Paris, which established him as one of the most important figurative painters of the time. Since then he has shown his work in galleries in the main capitals of Europe and the U.S. The Museum of Modern Art in Paris, retains Gate at Saint-Cloud. The color plates are a nice balance between the cubist heritage and the decorative tendencies of the 1920's. Voldemar Boberman, the Armenian born painter, later became a naturalized French citizen. The compositions are devoted to the circus and other light themes, which makes this a nice representation of the Art Deco style