(1951 - )
In this age of technology, when mankind manages, constantly, to threaten the fragility of nature, it is both refreshing and appealing to discover an artist who affectionately acknowledges the delicate structures of nature. Georges Ivanciu paints a microcosm that we rarely stop to notice. His works show a love for plants and animals with the fantasy necessary to bring us into their world. Georges is well versed in the history of art. He grew up in Bucharest surrounded by Byzantine art and he was influenced by this both spiritually and stylistically. Many of his works reflect this intimacy with the spiritual latitude of Rumanian Folklore, and its religious traditions. His experience with the techniques of tapestry and icons have contributed to an interesting and unique approach. The paint weaves his fantaisies in a textural and delicate manner, while his colors flow constantly across his canvas, showing a careful attention to composition. George Ivanciu shows us a world where mankind’s hidden emotions are entangled with the delicacy and beauty which is Nature. Georges Ivanciu was born in 1951 in Bucharest, Rumania. He received his diploma from the Nicholae Grigorescu Institute of Art in Bucharest, in 1975, where he majored in Decorative Art and Fibers. The Historical Museum of Bucharest purchased his diploma piece: a large tapestry. George Ivanciu left Rumania in July 1978, stayed five months in Italy, and then came to the United States in December of 1978. EXHIBITIONS Exhibition of Diploma works in the icholae Grigorescu Academy, Bucharest. Exhibited in the Bucharest Salon of the Artist’s Union (SALON DALLES) in 1977 and 1978. Personal Exhibition in the Cultural Center of Giurgiu, Rumania, in 1976, 1977. Graphic Exhibition in the Cultural Center of Giurgiu, 1976 . Group Exhibition in the Prato di Firenze, Italy, 1978 . Borghi Gallery, One man show, Ft Lauderdale, Forida 1980 . Art Expo Dallas, Texas, One man show, 1984 . Maurice Hayot Gallery, One man show, New York City, 1984 . Maurice Hayot Gallery, One man show, New York City, 1985 Collector’s Corner, Cliffside Park, New Jersey, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 .